Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthdays and Baseball

It was so wonderful being back in New York with family for 11 days. I especially happy that I was able to be there to Celebrate "Micah man's" 4th birthday! Like most things Johnson related, it was a baseball themed party.

The one request I had for my trip home was to watch some ball games. Between Thad, Tage, and Kiah, I watched 9 games in 11 days, 4 were in less than 48 hours of being home!

Tailgating at Thad's game!

The little boys favorite part of the game, after when they can go out on the field and play catch with Uncle Thad.

I'm now back in Tulsa, getting caught up on work in the office. I am trying to get caught up as quickly as possible because in just a few short weeks I'll be gone or another two weeks. This time for another trip to Korea!
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