Photography is something that I have become more interested in these last few years. I think it began when I would read adoption blogs where the Mom's were amazing photographers! A good picture can capture a memory so well and I just love it as well as the creativity involved. I began reading more on photography and researching cameras because it was something that I thought would be fun and a good hobby. Also since I was in China and part of my job included photographing the children for our website and blog, I knew that a good camera was essential. 

In the summer of 2013, I taught private swim lessons to several children in China and was able to save up enough money, with the help of my Grandma and parents chip in for my Christmas present, to buy my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T5i. I bought it in December 2013 and haven't put it down since! 

It has been almost a year of having my DSLR and although I have definitely improved in the last 10 months, I would like to take my photography to the next level. I have decided to take on a 30 day photography challenge. This means that I am going to take a picture ever single day for the next 30 days. In order to help me, I found a good list of ideas or prompts for each day to give me an idea of what to photograph. So here we go. My 30 day photography challenge. Starting.... October 15th!

DAY 1: Self portrait
DAY 2: What you wore
DAY 3: Clouds
DAY 4: Something green
DAY 5: After dark
DAY 6: Obsession
DAY 7: Changes to come
DAY 8: Routine
DAY 9: Someone you love
DAY 10: Childhood memory
DAY 11: Something blue
DAY 12: Sunset
DAY 13: Cannot live without
DAY 14: Eyes
DAY 15: Silhouette
DAY 16: A good habit
DAY 17: Technology
DAY 18: Your shoes
DAY 19: Something you want
DAY 20: In my bag
DAY 21: Faceless self portrat
DAY 22: Inspirational
DAY 23: Patterns
DAY 24: Animal
DAY 25: Strangers
DAY 26: Close-up
DAY 27: Celebration
DAY 28: Flowers
DAY 29: Black & White
DAY 30: Self portrait

Anyone care to join me?!?!
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