Monday, May 2, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Nothing quite like being home with family. As much as I love Oklahoma, it is hard to be away from family, especially from my sweet nephews and niece. Babies change so quickly and that is definitely the case with Miss Quinlan. She was just 5 months old at Christmastime and now at 9 months, she is crawling and jabbering away. Even though it was a chilly few hours at the Bona game, it was so fun to see these sweet kiddos and of course watch Thad play! It was too cold to take lots of pictures, but I did grab my camera from the car for a few shots.

You can't go to a baseball game without your glove!

I love this picture of Micah and Landon with Thad at bat in the background.

They rolled down this hill probably 25 times. It was making me dizzy just watching them!

It's also super fun dropping rocks down the drain. This kept them entertained for quite a while. Between this and rolling down the hill, they were happy.

Sweet baby girl!

My time in NY always goes way too fast. Soaking up every minute I can!
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