Friday, April 1, 2016

{Friday Favorites} 4.1.16

Happy almost weekend and Happy April!! Yes, I realize that the only blog posts I am actually writing are my "Friday Favorites." What can I say, they are easy and don't take me much time at all. I do have a couple other post ideas bouncing around in my head, one of these days I will actually get them written. 

First of all, today is my Grandma's birthday! Happy Birthday to this young lady. If you know her, you would know that is very appropriate for her to have her birthday on April Fool's Day. :) I am so thankful to have this incredible woman in my life. I want to be her when I grow. 

Now onto some of my favorites from the last few weeks since I missed last week!

ONE >>> Two weeks ago, my friends and I attended the Extraordinary Women's Conference that came to Tulsa. It was SO GOOD! We just recently finished up the Seamless Bible study by Angie Smith and she was one of the speakers! We even got to meet her and have her sign our books. She is as sweet in person as I thought she would be. I think we could be real life best friends. :) It was an awesome weekend filled with great speakers. Already looking forward to next year!

TWO >>> My brother, Asa, moved to Indiana! I am not happy that he moved and is in a new place because I know how hard that is, but I am thankful to not be the only Johnson kid living out of state now. Also, I think I've talked to him more in the past week than I have in the last year so that's a huge plus!

THREE >>> Easter is one of my favorite holidays. The older I get, the more it hits me what Christ really did for us on the cross. 

FOUR >>> Spring is in the air! So thankful for the buds that have come out and all the beautiful spring flowers. They make me so happy. :) 

FIVE >>> Tuesday night was a belated birthday celebration for me with one evening at Pinot's Pallet! I've been wanting to do a painting but have been so nervous since I am not artistic at all. I'm glad I "lived life on the edge" and decided to give it a try. It was so much fun! I decided for my 30th I had to do something a little different. 

I have a pretty low key weekend which I am excited about! Hoping to get caught up on some projects around the apartment. Happy weekending, friends!
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  1. I love that spring is in the air! All the buds give me all the heart eyes!

  2. Superb photographs! It’s great that you had fun time with your dear ones. I am also a party freak and usually host small and big events to celebrate with my family. Recently I hosted surprise anniversary party for my parents at one of their favourite party venues in Houston.


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