Friday, June 26, 2015

{Day 2} Agency Visit & Tea Ceremony

Today was a pretty emotional day for some of our families. We started out the day visiting the Korean agency who Dillon works with and many of the families had a chance to meet their children's foster families. 

After working with our South Korea program for the last 3 months, it was pretty exciting for me to spend some time at Eastern earlier this week and again with the families!

After our Eastern visit, we headed to a part of town very near our hotel for a traditional tea ceremony. It was situation on top of a hill and we walked there and passed all of these tea houses and traditional homes. I couldn't stop taking pictures, it was just beautiful!

I have gone to tea ceremonies in China but nothing quite like this! We even had to wear this getup lovely traditional robe and hat. The 8 year old's in our group kept saying, "we're graduating!" Why yes, it does kind of look like that... it was an experience for sure!

Since we were on top of this hill, there was quite the view! I just love the roofs!

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