Thursday, June 25, 2015

{Day 1} And it Begins!

And today is the first full day of the tour! All of the families arrived within half an hour of each other, except for one, and so we were able to make just one airport run and our guide, Jenny, waited for the last family, who arrived about an hour and a half after the others. They were all tired from traveling, but excited to be in Korea!

Even though it can be very difficult, the best thing to do to get over jet lag it to just jump right in. We kept the families busy although as our first day wound down, they were pretty tired. We started the day bright and early and with a visit to a Korean college, Senjong University. This university actually has a high percentage of international students. 

The scenery was just beautiful! The above picture is a museum on campus and gave the story of some of Korean's history.

After our hour long tour at the University, we moved onto our next stop of the day, the 2002 World Cup Stadium. Here are a few pictures and then we will move right along because being a Johnson, having gone to a soccer stadium, is just plain embarrassing.

Moving right along then.... next we stopped a local market which is always quite interesting! I have been to many markets in China that are very similar but it was pretty new and different to some of our families! I found this guy... anyone hungry?

We then ended our first day by attending a cooking class. I observed and took pictures but I did get to taste test some of the Korean dishes. Not too bad!

Day 1 done! I think this tour is going to be a lot of fun. Our families are great and we are going to see some pretty interesting sights over the next week and a half.

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