Saturday, June 27, 2015

{Day 3} DMZ & Seoul Tower

I am not going to lie, today was a tough day. I kind of knew what was going on with North Korea, but not really. And oh man, friends, we need to pray. This probably isn't going to be a very wordy post because in all honesty, I am still processing it all. 

These are all messages and prayers written for the unification of Korea. You can buy these ribbons, write your prayers on them and then tie them to the fence.

This is the last train that went between North and South Korea.

Memorial for the American soldiers who were killed during the korean War.

 Bridge going into North Korea. Those mountains in the distance is part of North Korea.

We could look through binoculars into North Korean territory.

We then moved to another lookout place which looked into a North Korean village. Oh my... this is what did me in. My heart is so burdened for the people of that country. We have so much freedom in America, freedom that I believe most people (me included) take for granted.

The picture below was a little awkward to take. I wanted a picture with North Korea in the background, but what do you do, smile? It just didn't seem right but none-the-less, here it is.

 After the DMZ, we moved onto the Seoul Tower.

We had to walk about quite the hill to get to it and there were some gorgeous flowers along the way!

Be careful!

Looking out over Seoul.

"Only" 11,188.97 km from New York City!

After coming down from the tower, we saw a pretty neat fighting demonstration.

The day ended with a little shopping, dinner, and I was able to talk to my parents for a while. Tomorrow we leave Seoul and drive 4 hours south to Gyeongju!

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