Friday, February 27, 2015

Think Spring

Maybe it is all of my NY friends that have had some a cold and snowy winter.
Or maybe it's because I'm back in a country where we celebrate Easter
Or maybe it's because after 2 1/2 years of living in a very tropic climate, I'm so excited to be in a place where we have four seasons. 
Or it may be because I have my own place to decorate and make home.

Whatever the reason was, I have been so excited to decorate my place for different holidays and seasons. I love what I do, but it's not the highest paying job and so I found most of my decorations at the Dollar Tree! I think I spent a total of $9. Totally worth it to had a little spring and Easter to my place.

When my family was here last week, I had my Dad put up this shelf above my fireplace. My fireplace didn't come with a mantle and this space still looked a little sparse. I thought a shelf would be a great place to not only fill up that wall more but also a great place to decorate with picture frames and little trinkets. I love how it turned out!

Several of you have asked about my wooden wall piece. I bough it in China and it made the journey home last July and then on to Oklahoma in December. 
I absolutely LOVE it. 
I haven't stained it or anything, I don't think it needs it. 
In the middle it says "blessings" in Chinese.

I bought these two flower vases and the cute spring/Easter flowers for a $1 each.
Total cost was $6.

This little vase and sparkly eggs were also each a $1.
I think it turned out really cute!

I wasn't sure how my little Easter egg garland would turn out.
I didn't want it to look tacky but thought my fireplace needed something.
My Dad put up these hooks when I moved in so that I could hang my garland and Christmas lights. 
These little eggs were just $1 and I noticed that they had 2 holes in the top. 
Perfect to put some yarn through and hang!
I think it also turned out really cute!

Here is hoping for spring to come soon for all my northern friends. 

I have a busy week coming up. Sunday is Winter Jam here in Tulsa! I am so excited to see Skillet, Jeremy Camp, For King and Country, and several other Christian bands for just $10! I am going with several girls from my small group. Then on Thursday I bought tickets for the Kari Jobe concert which will be in town. I love her and even though I just saw her last fall, I'm excited to see her again. Then next weekend, there is a Women's Christian Conference in town, Extraordinary Women. I haven't bought my ticket yet but I think I'm going to go. I so missed women's retreats and conferences when I was overseas.

It will be a busy but very fun week! 
Happy Friday!

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