Friday, February 13, 2015

My Office

I am slowly trying to show you more and more of my life here in Tulsa. 
I'll be honest, it's been hard to know what to blog about. I want to keep blogging because I love it, love connecting with other bloggers, and love looking back and seeing all that God has done in my life.
What I am doing now isn't any less significant than what I did in China. I am still working with orphans and still uniting families through adoption. 
It just looks a little different now and it has been hard to figure out my role in the here and now. Not just in my job, but in life as well.

Anyways, I finally got around to decorating my cubicle!
I was inspired by Pinterest and I thin it turned out pretty well. 
Since I probably spend more time here than in my apartment, I wanted it to look cute and inviting.

I got the idea on Pinterest to buy fabric to add a bit of color. I love the gray fabric I picked out and it was on sale as well. 
Even better!

Since this is the shelf right above my computer, it is kind of hard to reach since I have to reach over my computer. So I decided this would be my decorative shelf. 

Right now I have pictures, my lamp from Thailand, tissues, chapstick, lotion, and eye drops (I have had terrible eye allergies the last few weeks... I'd appreciate prayer!). 
Those little mason jars I bought at Hobby Lobby for less than a dollar and painted the inside of them. I then glued some beading around the top and a flower and they turned out pretty cute! I may eventually put some fake flowers in them. 
The book I received for Christmas from my Grandma: "Signs of Life" by David Jeremiah. 
I have been reading each morning and oh my, does it make you think! 
I highly recommend it.

My bigger mason jars which I am using to hold my pens, highlighters, scissors, etc. 

 There you have it. 
A little peak into my office space or my "home away from home."
Happy Friday!
Stay warm all of my NY friends!

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  1. You have a pretty nice office space. I must be very comfortable working there. I really love the way you decorated your area, all those mason jars and racks are great personal touches. Anyway, I hope you’re having fun at work! Good day!

    Derrick George @ ZZONE 31


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