Saturday, February 21, 2015

Family Time

It was so wonderful to have my family here for a few days. We were missing all the boys, but it was so great to have my parents and Kiah here. When they were here in December moving me, it was not a very relaxing few days at all. We were busy getting my apartment set up, my car, things I needed, etc. that they didn't get to see any of Tulsa except for Walmart. This time, they were able to enjoy it a little more!

They arrived last Saturday evening and they were able to go to Church with me Sunday morning. They loved it!

Unfortunately they brought some snow with them to Oklahoma. However I think it is pretty funny that I experienced my first snowfall in Tulsa with my family here! Of course they were hoping for some more spring like weather which I don't blame them. 
Even with the yucky weather, we still had fun. 
I had 2 snow days from work. 
"How much snow did we have?" you may ask?
Get ready for it...
2.7 inches.
I know, I know, I find it rather humorous as well. But in their defense, they are not prepared for it at all. And below the 2.7 inches was ice which is really what made it yucky. 
I can handle driving in snow. But the ice? I don't like that.

Kiah has decided that she wants to wear dresses more so we ventured out to do some shopping.

Excuse me, but when did my little sister grow up? Hard to believe that she will be fourteen years old on Monday. Seems like yesterday she was one.

We saw some of the Tulsa sights as well.
Like the "Golden Driller."
Yeah, I don't know... it's kind of weird, but there he is.

My apartment here has a fireplace but I have been scared to use it by myself. 
My parents brought some wood down and we build a fire one evening and ate tacos. 
It was so much fun and now I know how. 
I just have wood ready and waiting for another fire.

On Tuesday, the sun came out and the temperatures reached the mid 40's and we drove to Oral Roberts University to look around. 
What a beautiful campus! 
I had looked up ahead of time and ORU had a baseball game while my family was going to be here and I thought that would be something fun to do. 
But of course it snowed and it was cancelled. 
Maybe next time.

Wednesday came all too soon. 
It was time for them to head back to NY.

Goodbye's are never fun or easy but it was a little easier since Tulsa is beginning to feel like home.
And I am blessed that my family is close enough to come visit. Not all the time, but much closer than China. 
And for that, I am thankful.

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