Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014, What a Year

I know I am a little behind in posting this but as they say: "better late than never," right?

2014. Wow, what a year it was. Half of the year I lived in China, the rest of the year I lived mostly in NY except for the last month which was spent in my new home of Oklahoma. Who would have ever thought that I would move to Oklahoma. God sure has a sense of humor, that is for sure. And He never ceases to amaze me in all that He does and How He works. I will write more about my time in Oklahoma later and how my adjust is going but for this post I want to focus on 2014 and all the exciting things that happened.

Here we go... 2014:


The year started out with Thad and I visiting Beijing for a few days. 

We then flew down south where I introduced him to all my sweet kiddos.

Another highlight of the month? I found out my Sweetheart was matched with a forever family!


This sweet girl technically arrived in January but her sweet personality really came out in February!


Laura arrived in China!


This sweet boy left to join his forever family!

Laura and I flew to Beijing for a few days of exploring.


My Sweetheart joined her forever family! 

Even though it's exciting, goodbye's are never easy...


This cutie left us to join her forever family!


My Mom and Kiah arrived in China!

This was the month I said goodbye to all my friends in the country I called home for the last few years.

And goodbye to all these wonderful ladies I had the honor of serving with.

The long trip home.


August was a tough month. Not only was I back in the US, not sure what was my next step in life and adjusting to life back here but we received word that this sweet boy passed away after surgery in China. My heart was broke into a million pieces and I was yearning to be with my foster home family during this very difficult time.

I went to a music festival, Kingdom Bound, with my family!

I spent lots of time with my sister.

And nephews. 

And we moved Tage to college!


September was a lot of family time. I loved going to multiple ball games with them!

I also enjoyed the season that I missed the most while I was in China, fall.


My aunt and cousin came to visit for the weekend and they helped to break the grape stomping world record!


The end of October, I accepted a job with Dillon International adoption agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The packing began... 

Thanksgiving was such a special time to be home with my family!


December brought the big move to Tulsa. Thankfully I was able to fly home for the week of Christmas!

Wow, what a year! I have decided that even though 2014 was a fun and exciting year, it was also exhausting. I'm okay with it if 2015 doesn't bring quite so many changes. 

Here's to a new year and new adventures!

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