Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beijing: Wangfujing Street

Better late than never right? I'm finally getting around to our Wangfujing Street post. So Wangfujing Street is a famous street in Beijing. It's known for it's umm.... interesting snacks. No, we didn't try any but Thad found it rather amusing when he saw someone eating a starfish on a stick!

Seahorse or scorpion?

Or..... a bug? Or two.

There is fruit too which is really good.

Thad with his "new friend" working on his bartering skills.

Thaddeus is really under the weather today. Started feeling yucky yesterday afternoon and really not good today. He's been in bed most of the day, what a day to spend New Year's right? Won't you please keep him in your prayers? He is really bummed since he wants to be over playing with the kids so he is only in China for a short time but instead home sleeping. 

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