Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 of Thankfulness: Grandparents & Extended Family

I am thankful for grandparents and extended family.

Family is such an important part of our lives. I know that some families are close and other not so much. Families help shape us into the people we are today. They strengthen us, challenge us, and help us grow. 

I am blessed to have known all four of my grandparents. They all lived within half an hour of me and were such a part of my life. They would travel to swim meets, come to my ballet recitals, brothers baseball games, football games, and even "Sunday night pizza." I lost my Grandpa Rich in October 2007 and just lost my Grandpa Johnson this September. Not only have I met all my grandparents but I also was close with all of them. I have thousands of memories to hold onto.
I am also thankful for extended family. I have two aunts, two uncles, and three first cousins. Once again, I grew up having them very much a part of my life. Even if we only saw each other a few times a year, it was always a special time. Last summer I traveled home from China to be maid-of-honor in my cousin, Stina's, wedding.
So very thankful for the immediate family, grandparents, and extended family the Lord has blessed me with.

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