Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 14 of Thankfulness: Nature

I am thankful for nature.
I am thankful for the flowers, trees, grass, fields, lakes, etc. The Lord has given us such a beautiful world. A world that has natural beauty right in it. I grew up out in the country and always loved playing outside. We had woods behind our house that were also fun to explore. The older I got, the more I appreciated the beautiful nature around me.
When I am home, I love to just sit out in the grass (although it’ll be too cold to do that this time!), soaking up the hills, grass, fields, trees, and birds. Nothing quite like the smell of summer in western NY. I also live near a good sized lake. My grandparents have a house by the lake and we would spend summers out on the lake in the boat, tubing, swimming, and water-skiing. My last job before moving to China was just down the road from the lake and I would often spend my lunch breaks there. Take my camera and try to capture God’s creation on film.
I love going to a place in nature where it is just me and God. And that is hard to find in China with so many people!  Nature is one of God’s gifts to us.


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