Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 15 of Thankfulness: Holidays

I am thankful for the holidays.
For many people, the holidays can be a very difficult time of year. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or 4th of July, if you aren’t close to your family or friends, it can be a very hard time. I am thankful to be close to my family and holidays have always been special in my family. We haven’t always had a lot, but my parents would always do what they could to make it special for us kids.
Christmas was always a blast in my house. I remember often thinking how boring Christmas would be as an only child. With seven kids, it was total chaos. I look back on all those Christmas mornings and smile.

One thing I am really looking forward to doing while I am home is baking Christmas cookies. Lot's and lot's of Christmas cookies.
Yes, I am extremely thankful for the holidays. For family, friends, food, and fellowship. But most importantly, that God sent His one and only Son as a baby to die for our sins. Now that is sacrificial love.

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