Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Tea Set

After pondering my options for a few days, I finally decided on which tea set to purchase and bought it last night. It is so hard to just make a decision sometimes, especially when there are so many options! 
I had it narrowed down to 5 and definitely liked this one the most. However, it wasn't originally what I was "picturing" as far as a Chinese looking tea set. I was planning on going with the traditional blue and white Chinese style. However, I realized that those really didn't "look like me." When I pictured a tea set in my home someday, I picture this one, not the blue and white. 
It's kind of a retro looking style but I think it's very unique and I love the blue/green color! Besides, it'll always remind me of China, whether it's traditional Chinese looking or not.
Sorry, left the wrapping on the teapot since it has to survive the journey to the states in 5 weeks (without breaking). Yes, it will be going in my carry-on luggage.
I loved it even more once I got it home and tried it out on my wooden piece. I think the color looks great with the dark wood.
There are actually SIX tea cups which means that I have a few backups in case any break. Six just looked too crowded on the tray.

I had a fun evening of going to purchase this last night. It's amazing how you can feel so "normal" when you get out and about around here. I did a little Christmas shopping while I was at it and grabbed dinner at KFC before taking the bus back to my apartment.

Just call me Miss Independent.

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