Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Birthday Bash!

Thursday was our October birthday celebration or our "October Birthday Bash" as I like to call it.
We celebrated two October birthdays and one September birthday (the month of September got away from us and we never celebrated that birthday!). There was a lot of celebrating going on!
Make a wish, Miracle!
We wore party hats....
 .... well, some of us did.
There were lots of smiles...
 ... and cake eating going on!
 As you can tell, we just couldn't get enough of that cake.
 It was delicious!
 Dig in!
 I lost count after two pieces each...
You mean they had MORE than two pieces of cake?! Maybe.... I mean after all we only get cake once a month! However we have no November birthdays so we had to eat extra cake to make up for no cake next month!

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