Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Babies

As you have read recently, we have moved our older children into a different apartment leaving the babies in our original one. They are loving it! They can sit and play and not fear being trampled over or stepped on by one of the older children. 
It is also so peaceful.... I love it. I spend my mornings with the older children in preschool and downstairs helping out and then in the afternoons I cuddle the babies when I'm not doing a one-on-one session. As much as I love the older ones, it is so nice to sit and hold a baby without having a toddler climbing all over you vying for your attention.
To continue on this theme of peace... yes, it is a peaceful setting. I'm still learning how to balance my time between the two apartments. I have been so used to having them all in one spot but it has been good. Very, very good.


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