Saturday, June 15, 2013

How Is China?

I have been asked this question time and time again, so I figured I would just write a blog post on it to answer all those questions at once. China is good. It's funny...I have been back only 3 weeks but it feels like I have been back forever. It's like I live in two different worlds. But then again, I guess I kind of do.
One thing I can say without a doubt is that I NEEDED that trip home. And not just a whirlwind of a few weeks back but a 2-month trip home. When I booked my flights back in January, I was a bit unsure of being away for that long. Not only because of my job and leaving my babies, but would I get bored at home? My parents, friends, brothers, and sister would all be in school or at work, minus the 2-week Easter break they had. I did not get bored until about my last week home. And when I say bored, I mean I "actually watched TV or read and really wasn't that bored at all." 
As much as I love what I am doing in China, it gets really, really hard sometimes. When you are away from a place, you realize just how special that place is to you. I realized how much I love the area that I grew up in. Oh my.... I didn't realize how beautiful it was there until this last trip home. I just always took for granted the hills, fields, and QUIETNESS (which you don't get too often in China).

And the same is true for China. After being away from it for 2 months, I appreciate the beauty of it that much more.
I know that I am not going to stay in China forever. I came committing 1-2 years. My first year has come and gone and my second year is well underway. The Lord has filled me with peace as I seek His guidance and direction for the future. 

When I first realized last year that I didn't feel called to live in China forever, I was at first disappointed in myself. Am I a failure if I only stay a couple of years? But as time has gone on, God has changed my heart and opened my eyes that "no, I am definitely not a failure." I am beginning to feel like China is just the beginning of something even greater. What that is? I don't know, but I have this feeling that living in China for these few years is going to be a critical part of whatever that "greater plan" is. 

So back to the original question, "how is China?" I can honestly say China is really, really good. I am at peace where God has me at this point in my life. He will make the rest clear in His timing and His timing alone.

"If there's a road I should walk, help me find it.
If I need to be still, give me peace for the moment,
Whatever Your will, whatever Your will
Can you help me find it?"
- "Help Me Find It" by Sidewalk Prophets

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