Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Fun in the Ocean

I have quite the "fish" for a sister.
And possibly part polar bear?
You'd never know the girl is originally from SOUTHERN China by the way she is.
She rarely gets cold.
This week was proof of that....

Hmm.... perhaps they were "cold?"
No... probably just running for fun!
There she is.... back in the water.
Out of the 16 years my family has gone to South Caroline over spring break (I have missed several of those years), this was by far, the coldest we have experienced.
I think it hit 70 once or twice. 
It was cool, and cloudy several of the days.
And this has just been a cold "spring" in general all over the US.
Which means that the ocean had to be F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G.
Did that stop little miss?
Absolutely not!
There she is... body boarding away with her friends!
I laugh at how much she is like her older brother, Cael.
Never cold.
And how much she is like us. 
Loving the water.
She was in for several hours... soaking up the sun and waves.
With her friends.... have I mentioned how social she is?
There she goes... out again!
Scoping out the situation.
Doesn't she look like she is loving life right now?
And again!
Enjoying the waves.
Good run!
Our little "bathing beauty."
When she was done, we asked her "wasn't it cold?!"
She just smiled and replied, "not once you were numb!"
Touche Kiah... touche. 

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