Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Would You Like to Help?

While I am in China, I will get request after request of people wanting to send things for the foster home.
At the moment we are doing really well. 
We have more clothes and toys than we know what to do with.
I even have a pretty good preschool supply.

So what am I asking for you to help with?

We have a pretty small assortment of children's DVD's and music CD's. 

Every Friday in preschool we have a "movie day" and the kids look forward to it each week.
I'm not one about sticking them in front of a computer screen to watch a movie, but the realization is that they are all most likely going to go to families where TV is watched. 
The first time I showed a DVD last spring, several of the kids were terrified. 
They had no idea what this thing was.
But my DVD supply is low.
We have watched the same "Dora the Explorer" and "Go Diego Go!" episodes for the last 12 months.

Would you like to help me increase our collection?

What I am looking for:
* Any children's music CD's as we do music each day and would love some variety (yes, they can be Christian or Bible songs as I use those a lot).
* DVD's such as Dora, Go Diego Go, Veggie Tales (would LOVE some of these!), or any other children's show.
*Music DVD's.

**These do not have to be new, they could be used that you no longer need or use. Or you can always buy new ones.

If you are interested in helping me out, I would greatly appreciate it as would the kids! 
I fly back to China May 22nd so you still have a while to send them to me.
If interested, send me an email at annelifjohnson@gmail.com and I will get you my mailing address.

Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of my kids!


  1. Nolan and I would love to help!
    Can I send you VeggieTales "Larry Boy & the Fib from Outer Space" and "Silly Songs Countdown" DVDs?


  2. YES! We will get you some Miss Pattycake! She is always a favorite with our preschoolers! And if you read backposts on our blog, you will see why she holds a special place in our hearts!

  3. I would love to help you !!! I will email you soon!

  4. My adopted two-year-old had watched the Chinese version of Dora the Explorer in the orphanage. (My big kids' eagle eyes spotted Dora on a TV screen in the background of one of her pics from her SWI.) I cannot tell you how much her eyes lit up when (coached by a friend) I said to her in Chinese, "Swiper, no swiping!" Since that light-bulb-moment all three kids have enjoyed some borrowed Chinese language Dora episodes together. I think the familiarity of the show was a small way to connect her former world to her new one. Exposing these kids to shows their families will watch with them too is a fantastic idea!

    Hope it goes well!


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