Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sometimes I feel as though I have lived two different lives.
There is the Anneli now. 
The 26 year old living in China,
loving the orphaned and the fatherless and doing everything in her power to help them join their forever families.
Then there is the Anneli then
The Division I swimmer on a scholarship, training and striving to reach her dreams and goals in being the best swimmer she could be.

Neither are bad or wrong. 
Actually they are both good. 
Very, very good.
They are just reaching for different goals and dreams.

Swimming taught me about self-discipline, time-management, and most importantly setting goals and striving to reach them.
It was a huge part of my life. From when I was 7 years old until I was 22. 
And at times, like now, I really miss it. 
In February 2008, after 15 years of swimming competitively, I hung up the suit, cap, and goggles for the last time. 
It was time to graduate, and time to move on. 

Side note: I went to school majoring in Sociology in order to work with international adoptions one days so that dream was always there!

I will admit, I was tired and ready to be done but it was such a great chapter of my life as well.
This weekend is the Atlantic 10 Conference Swimming Championships. My college conference meet. 
The cool thing about technology these days is that the meet is being streamed live and I can actually watch it from China! How cool is that?! 
Did I mention that my older brother is now the head swimming coach for my college team?

While I watch, I start missing it. 
Don't necessarily miss the hours and hours of training but miss that feeling you get when you swim your best time.
Win a conference title.
And know that you did your very best. 

It was such a good chapter in life and I feel like my "swimming life" is so different than my "China life." 
And I guess it is. 
Although they are both teaching me and have taught me so much. 
About life.
About self-discipline.
About setting goals and dreams for oneself.
And striving to reach them. 

But when I watch the 100 breastroke tomorrow, I'm sure a few tears will be shed.


Yes, the above picture is me. Could you tell?

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