Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Did It!

I did it! I survived Christmas 2012 away from home. When people ask how my Christmas was, I explain how it was probably the best it could possibly be while be away from my family. I missed them terribly. I missed the traditions, the get togethers, the baking, and of course, the FOOD (although I can't complain, I got pretty good food here as well!). I especially missed how beautifully decorated my Church and home would be this time of the year. 

Yes, it was hard to be here, but God is good. And He came through once again just like He always does. I felt such peace, joy, and comfort during the holiday season. And it also gave me a little insight into what some people go through during the holiday season. Now I wasn't completely alone so I guess I can't fully understand but I did learn what it is like to be away from family and friends. I know many people don't have anyone to spend Christmas with. The holidays are a time of loneliness, pain, and heartache. I feel like I can understand just a little more now.

We are gearing up to end 2012 and ring in the new year of 2013. All I can say over and over again is GOD IS FAITHFUL! Goodness.... you will read more about that tomorrow in my New Year's Eve post! He is good.... All. The. Time.

Now for a little exciting news (at least I think it's exciting!).... I am super close to buying my plane ticket home to visit in March through sometime in May! I will be home for close to 2 months and I can't wait. A vacation, 90th birthday party for my Grandma, time spent with family and friends, and of course raising support for another year in China. Hope to see many of you during that time I'm home!

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