Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Double Birthday Celebration

Last Friday we had a double celebration. The festivities started off with celebrating Treasure's 1st Birthday and then we moved right into the birthday celebration of our Savior, Jesus. What a special day it was! And how special to have your birthday just a few days before Christmas! A reason to celebrate indeed!

I always stand in awe when I watch our children celebrating their birthdays. Another year that they are alive which is proof of a miracle. God is good. 

These children were once left. Abandoned. But now they are part of a family. Not their ultimate family, but a family all the same until their forever families can come and bring them home. 

Treasure wasn't quite so sure what to make of all the hoopla around her, but we think she enjoyed it. 

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl, you are a treasure indeed!

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