Monday, November 12, 2012

Thailand–Days 4 & 5

Since yesterday was Sunday, I was able to enjoy fellowship with several other foreign families and worship God and study His Word together. Fellowship is something that I really miss and so it was a refreshing day full of meeting new friends and praising our God together.

After Church, we all went out for lunch together at a very neat restaurant. It was a bit like something you would see on a post card or in a magazine!

I always enjoy meeting others and who they end up overseas. We all have such different and interesting stories and it’s so encouraging to hear others share their journey.

The restaurant only had about 5 items to choose from but was DELICIOUS!


You sat on these cushions overlooking a beautiful yard.


The door entering the restaurant.


The “road” the restaurant was off of. Just gorgeous.


After heading to the apartment for a bit of a rest, Cara and I ventured out to the night market once to get some shopping done. I was thankfully able to get all my gifts bought and am hoping they will all fit in my suitcase, that’s the next project!

Street vendors


… and more!


These shrines are all over Chaing Mai. They always give a me a weird feeling and I find myself praying for this country each time I see one. The hopelessness of putting ones faith in a false god weighs heavily on my heart.


Rode in a “tuk tuk” on the way home. Very fun!

Today was a bit more relaxing…. was able to call my parents and then spend some time reading and relaxing. Had a delicious burrito for dinner… Mexican food is very hard to find in China! Now enjoying an iced coffee and some ice cream and off to bed! Tomorrow is my last full day before flying back to China on Wednesday. Not ready for my time to end yet also anxious to see my kiddos again.

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  1. Anneli, I love these Thailand photos--especially the one of you on the elephant! This restaurant looks really relaxing and pretty. So cool that you got to take some time to sightsee outside of China!


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