Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thailand–Day 2 & 3

Since I’ve been a day behind all along, figured I would catch up in one post. Yesterday (Friday) was truly vacation. After traveling all night the night before, I slept a good 10 hours straight which was wonderful! The rest of the morning was spent relaxing. Trying to get caught up on some emails, drinking a cup of coffee, and listening the birds outside my window. Very peaceful and this is what vacation is supposed to be like.

After being lazy for most of the morning, I was ready to get out. The afternoon was spent exploring Chiang Mai and then last night we went to the Night Bizarre which is a “must see” for anyone visiting Chiang Mai. It’s a huge market where you can buy any kind of souvenirs or gifts from Thailand that you want! I did start some souvenir shopping, but will be going back before I leave Thailand to finish. Yes, I did add to my scarf collection. For those of you who do not know, I have this obsession with scarves. And to make it more exciting, I’ve decided to collect scarves from countries around the world since most counties do have them. So far I have US, India, China, Africa, and now Thailand. So if anyone goes to a country besides those listed, please let me know!

The night market. I love bartering!


Some delicious street food. Grilled corn on the cob… hmmm….

Today was our trip to the nearby “elephant camp.” Wow, was it fun and a “must do” for anyone visiting Thailand. Got to watch the elephant show where they played soccer (knew that sport had to be good for someone… elephants!) and painted. We then went on an elephant ride. And for those of you concerned about the care of the elephants, as far as I could tell, they were well cared for here.

Here we go!


First stop was a picture with the elephant. He put this hat on my head, then proceeded to slobber all over me. Lovely.


Although you can’t tell… I’m ON an elephant! You know, a normal day here in Thailand!


Wow, pretty far up! And your feet just rested on the elephant… he didn’t seem to mind.


And the picture you’ve all been waiting for…. here I am!


We became good friends.

Finished the afternoon off with a visit to “Pizza Company” which is very similar to Pizza Hut. Delicious. Elephants and pizza…. what more could a girl ask for?

AnneliPurple flower

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