Friday, November 9, 2012

Thailand–Day 1

On Thailand soil! After a long (my first flight left at midnight and arrived in Chiang Mai at 8 a.m.) night with about 3 hours of sleep, I’m here. Trip was uneventful thankfully and my luggage arrived as well which is always a plus.

Thailand is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. The people are so friendly and welcoming. Wherever I go, people bow to greet you “hello” and “goodbye.” And smile! Even the man at customs, after he stamped me in, smiled and said, “have a nice visit!” It is very refreshing and you can’t help but smile. Never experienced that before in all the times I’m stamped in / out of a country.

Can you tell I’m excited to be in Thailand?? This is my “excited face.” Can I just say how strange it is to be wearing tank tops and shorts again and in NOVEMBER!!!

After arriving and getting settled, I went on an adventure into Chiang Mai. Got to ride in one of these fun trucks which are called a “song tao” (spelling??). Quite adventurous!

Last night I took my camera and  went for a walk last night in my “neighborhood” and captured some nice pictures. It’s quiet (VERY different from China) and you hear the birds and nature. I love it. I just feel like I can breath easier. Truly a vacation.

The flowers and scenery are beautiful as well. I just can’t get over it! These pots are everywhere.

Here’s my first elephant….. haha, I thought it was funny. And I will be riding a REAL elephant tomorrow. Can’t wait!

I’m feeling my calling for this trip is to pray. Pray over this country and for what part God’s wants me to play in it in the future if there even is a possibility. Never know what God has in store.

Peaceful. Relaxing. Beautiful.

AnneliPurple flower

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