Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thailand Bound

This post was actually written BEFORE I left yesterday (11/7/12) but was having internet issues in China and was unable to post it until now when I’m IN Thailand. A Thailand post will be coming soon!


Tonight I leave China for a week and fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have mixed feelings about leaving. Even though it’s only a week, I’m going to miss my kids, my work, and yes, my home here. However, I think once I begin traveling, I will be much more excited for my upcoming adventure. And it will be just that, an adventure!

I really don’t have much choice in leaving, since my visa requires me to leave the country in the next 2 weeks anyways. Rather than going to Hong Kong or Macau, both of which I have already visited, I thought Thailand would be a nice change. And it is on my “things to do before I leave China” list. It works out because friends of mine will be in Thailand for a few months and are graciously allowing me to invade their family time and stay with them.

Thailand. A land that has two very different worlds. There are the beaches and the “touristy” areas (although I will not be visiting a beach while I’m there). Then there is the poverty, child prostitution, and pain. The second option is what gets me. Thailand is one of the main countries where child sex slavery is common. And it breaks my heart and makes me sick just thinking about it. I don’t know the statistics or the numbers, but I do know that the country I am visiting is full of pain, suffering, and hopelessness.

As I spent time praying yesterday about my upcoming trip, I prayed that the Lord would show me what He wants me to see this trip. See, Thailand is a country I thought about serving in, but didn’t really know much about it or where to start really. For some reason the last few years God has put a burden on my heart for Thailand. Maybe it’s the orphans. Or maybe it’s the children in slavery. Or maybe it’s the pain and heartache that goes along with that country. I don’t know. But I intend to find out. I prayed yesterday for God to “stretch me and open my eyes to what He wants me to see.” After I prayed that, I immediately asked myself “Anneli, why did you pray that?” Honestly I have no idea… it just came out!

Yes, this trip will be my “vacation.” An opportunity to experience another culture, new food (which I am so excited about!), shopping, and hopefully riding an elephant. But I also pray that God would speak to my heart. Tell me what He wants me to know.

Sometimes I wish I could be “normal” (whatever that means) and go somewhere and just not have to think about the pain and the heartache associated with a place. But for some reason, I’m not wired that way. God has a way of revealing His heart to me through places I visit. And breaking my heart for what breaks His.

Which is what I’m a little scared about.

Not sure how much I’ll be posting from Thailand, so if you don’t hear from me in the next week, you will when I return.

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