Sunday, September 2, 2012



Dampness in the air.

Birds singing.




Oh life back in China.

But before I jump right back into posts about China (we all know I have plenty of time for that!), I wanted to catch up on a few posts from my visit home.

The Lord has blessed me with wonderful people in my life.

Friends of all ages and walks of life.

Friends from all over the world.

And I am very blessed that many of my friends love Jesus as much as I do.

These are two of my closest friends.

Girls that have been with me through a lot.

They are such an encouragement to me and have such a joy for living.

Always have a verse to encourage me.

Or a smile to cheer me.

And yes, when we are together we love to take photo shoots!

And since I will not be back in the US until May, we needed to take advantage of our opportunity!

A camera with a self timer.

A box.

And 3 smiling girls is all that was needed.

They turned out pretty well!

Even though I am far away from my friends and in a country where I have few.

I am reminded that I have people all over the world supporting me and praying for me.

What more could a girl ask for?


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