Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Class

A few months ago, we bought a poster board to do art with our original kids here at the foster home.

Since I am leaving for the states for the month of August next week, my goal was to have this project finished before I leave.

And today was the day! It was messy, but fun and it turned out really cute!

We did each child in a different color.


For the most part, they loved getting their hands dirty. I guess we’ll have to start doing finger painting in preschool soon!


We had a fun time mixing colors and making our own!


For the three little ones, we did their feet since they refused to spread their fingers apart. : )


Isn’t it colorful?


Pleased with how it turned out! Excited to do more art projects with my little ones in the future!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hard to believe that I will be in Hong Kong a week from today and fly out a week from Monday! See many of my dear friends soon!


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