Sunday, June 3, 2012

“We Can’t Get Out!”

Today we went into the city for fellowship, lunch, and then of course a visit to Ikea! Now, I had NEVER been to Ikea until I came to China. And I have been twice now.

What I learned today… do NOT go to Ikea on the weekends… it is CRAZY! The last time I was there it was a Friday which was much better. Sunday afternoon? Not so much…


I know it’s hard to see from the picture (sorry for the quality, it was on my iPod), but there were people EVERYWHERE!!!



I mean literally… EVERYWHERE!

I also learned that the way Ikea is set up, is a “marketing trap.” We ended up downstairs looking at the kitchenware (which you will see pictures of my wonderful purchase later in this post) and were attempting to get to the main floor. We walk around and around and literally could NOT get out! FINALLY after walking in circles several times, we found the “up” escalator. Goodness… the “up” should be new the “down,” or so one would think.


This is my feeling on the situation…


Thankfully, it was worth it for the delightful treasures I found below…

As we were cleaning out the office the other day, we came across a fish tank, which I was not going to use for preschool and so it was given to me. I decided that it would look lovely on my dining room table with some pebbles and flowers.

I think it turned out really cute if I do say so myself. MUCH BETTER than fish…. not smelly or dirty. And less work.

I must be “grown up” now because I am SO EXCITED about my new cooking pot! Who would have thought I’d ever get excited about kitchen supplies.

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying cooking here? It’s been quite the adventure, but I’m loving it.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Ah....China! Love it and miss it...thanks for giving us a peek! Love the cooking pot, by the way!


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