Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Children’s Day!

Today, June 1st, is Children’s Day in China. On this day, kids will have parties in their schools where they will get treats and often times receive gifts from their families. It’s basically like a birthday celebration for all the kids on the same day!

In honor of our children, we took them to McDonald’s for lunch. For two of the kids, this was their first visit! Not quite sure how they felt about it, but overall I think the enjoyed it.  : )

First visit to McDonald’s!



This little guy has been here before and knew just what to do!


Also a first time visitor but he’s a fan!


This little one decided that she liked the corn best…


This is what she thought about the french fries!


He obviously LOVED it!


Such a big boy!


Although she doesn’t look too convinced, she loved it as well.

Happy Children’s Day!!!



  1. Corn at McDonalds! LOVE IT!
    Happy Children's Day to some of our favorite sweeties!


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