Saturday, June 9, 2012


On the visa I am currently on, I have to leave China every 90 days to renew it. However, where I live, it is not too difficult to do since I am fairly close to both Hong Kong and Macau. Due to not wanting to spend more money than necessary and saving time, we decided to take a day trip to nearby Macau yesterday to renew my visa.

Now I had never even heard of Macau until I came to China. It is made up of two small islands and was founded by Portuguese (I think).

The main attraction and reason to go to Macau is for one thing…. Casinos. There are SO MANY casino’s there. Many people from China and Hong Kong will travel there to gamble away their money. Quite sad actually.

It was interesting because as we were driving along the dusty China road, all of a sudden Macau popped up! Here are some pictures from the day…

Windmills on the China side


Customs to leave China (and re-enter later in the day)


It was a gorgeous day (and about 93 degrees!)


One of the many casinos..


Just beautiful


Haha… I decided it COULD be the “city of dreams” if things went your way… but if they went the other way? “city of nightmares.”


The Venetian


Hard Rock Café (and Hotel) of Macau


In case you were wondering… no, I did not gamble. I did walk through it though… SO MANY PEOPLE… again, very sad.


Fountains everywhere



Just beautiful


Wow, you can “change your life forever!” Isn’t that the truth…


Beautiful ceilings and tiles


And ANOTHER casino and hotel…




They made this mall look like an old European city… very pretty.


The many floors…. the casino is at the bottom.


Notice how the driver is on the “wrong side?” I was confused all afternoon… ; )


After a day in the “glitz,” back to the dirt and dust of China. It was very welcoming actually!


Lovely China


The hills are just beautiful around here and remind me of home


The whole reason for our day in Macau… my beloved stamp. : )

It was fun spending a day in Macau but give me China any day.



  1. Yay for a visa stamp!

    Boo for casinos!

    Love the pics of China....thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Funny, we went to the Venetian in Las Vegas. I recognized "the Doges Palace." The same


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