Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Loved

I have been here almost 3 months and things have begun to feel “normal.” Even going to the grocery store isn’t quite as exciting as it once was but now is just part of my routine (although today I THINK I bought chicken… guess we’ll see!).

I guess normalcy is a good thing. It means I’m adjusting and starting to feel comfortable in this new country, culture, environment, and job. However the last few days I’ve just felt myself feeling very tired and drained. Another reason why I have to remember to take time for myself.

It is very easy to become burnt out in this type of work. And although it isn’t stressful (for the most part!), it does take a lot out of one emotionally. I pour my heart in daily to loving these precious children that God has placed in front of me. But I also have to remember to continually be filled up by Him or I will have nothing left to pour out (coming in a later post!).

Today was a day I just needed to feel loved. I get lonely over here and I have had a tough time with missing my family, friends, and just home.

God knew just what I needed. I got a letter from a dear friend and three packages in the mail! Two were from wonderful woman from my hometown and the third was chocolate from one of our little one’s sponsors! She sent a package for the little one she sponsored and was so sweet to include REAL German chocolate for me as well as a note.

Just when I needed it most, I am reminded how loved, prayed for, and supported I am by people all over the world. I am truly blessed.

My 3 packages!


…and the contents… have I mentioned how much I miss American snacks?!?! ; )  Also have 3 new coffee flavors, I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to try them out! Perhaps I should get up extra early to try out all three?

Tomorrow I’m off to Macau to renew my visa. Pray that all goes smoothly!


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  1. So sweet! I'm so thankful you are being loved on lavishly! And I'm thankful you are giving that same love to those babies!

    Praying for visa favor!


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