Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer is Upon Us

People weren’t lying to me… once May 1st hits, so does the sun and heat! The last few days have been hitting near 90 and HUMID. I keep telling myself that “no, it’s not hot…” My logic for saying this is, if I think it’s hot now… what the heck am I going to do in JULY?! I’m starting to think that I will be very glad to be back in lovely western NY for most of August and escape the heat here. NY will feel like a breeze compared to this!

Due to the warm weather, the other day we spent all day switching the kids clothes. We put away their winter clothing and out came the summer things!

Don’t the girls look lovely in their beautiful sundresses? We have SO MANY but they are all so cute!

The boys look pretty good sporting their athletic outfits… they look they they are ready to play outside!

Summer is officially here!

Do we have some cute kids or what?!?!


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