Thursday, May 3, 2012

Her Smile

There really are no words. So all I’m going to say is that my little sweetheart has started smiling recently and I was finally able to get it on film.

I have recently gotten in the habit of every time I’m holding and rocking her to tell her how loved and cherished she is by people all over the world and most importantly by her Heavenly Father. She loves when I quote scripture to her as well. I mean she smiles so that HAS to mean that she likes it right? Yesterday I was holding her and telling her again how beautiful she is and how God is going to use her in such amazing ways to make His name known. And what happened?

She got the biggest grin on her face… I think she knows it. : )





I KNOW I’m cute!

God is SO good isn’t He?



  1. Love her!
    And I love reading how you quote Scripture and Truth over her sweet little self!

    Praise God!

  2. And then she gets even cuter!--
    Those are the sweetest words covering her for sure!! What a blessing for her little ears to be bathed in them from the start ... I'm not even sure if many newborns here in US families get that blessing?! Yes, she knows what you are saying I am sure--babies can read eyes and hearts so much truer than big people. And the comfort, love and protection that fill those words will not fall short of showing all of God's glory planned for her! I simply love to watch it unfold in His timing! (okay, I'm anxious to nudge it along to get to the good parts)--but then things like her smile remind us all to enjoy each day as it comes. Thank you for sharing her with us!


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