Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Kiah June Update


I can’t believe how big my baby girl has gotten. Hard to believe she’s 18 months already! Hoping that she’ll be going home to her forever family very soon. Isn’t she precious?!


Kiah has been with our family for around a month and she is doing well.   She is a very clever little girl and learns very quickly.   For example, once she picked up a scrap of paper from the floor and was instructed to take it to the dustbin to throw it away.  Kiah immediately remembered this and now when she is asked to throw something away, she takes it to the dustbin without further instruct ion!


1 comment:

  1. Anneli ~ she is just SO precious! I hope so badly that she is going to a Christian family where she will know the love of Jesus. She is one very special and loved little girl, and her new family will be BEYOND blessed to have her! Thanks for sharing her update with us... such a treat!



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