Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiah March Update

Kiah is 1 Year 2 Months Old.
Kiah's nanny wrote this update:
Kiah is doing well and is now able to walk around the sofa while holding on to it.   She is learning new things every day and it is obvious that she is a very intelligent little girl.  She enjoys playing with the older children.   She can take the smaller toys out of the toy box and enjoys taking them out and putting them back in.  When she hears music playing, she will sway to the sound.
Kiah is no longer afraid of strangers and when visitors come to the Foster Home, she will quickly crawl to them for a hug!   Kiah recently joined her foster family and we miss her at the Foster Home.   It is our desire that she continues to be a healthy and happy little girl

What a cutie pie! : )




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  2. She's SO precious!! SUCH a Cutie! :)


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