Thursday, December 30, 2010

China Driving

So no, this never happened to me while I was there, but all I can say is that the driving is CRAZY!!! And no, I was not surprised at all when I watched this video on a friend’s blog. Makes me really miss China and the crazy driving in a weird sort of way!

Anneli clip_image002

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  1. hahaha! I missed this post before... SOOOOOO funny! I miss the 'crazy driving' in a wierd sort-of-way, too! I remember the morning we left NewDay for the GW and SP, our driver introduced himself by name and then proceded to say, "I am your CRAZY driver!" NO KIDDING!! But yet I somehow felt safe with him, as crazy as that was. He KNEW what he was doing, and somehow it works there!! Great experience really. I'm just glad I was well prepared for what to expect with driving in China, otherwise the experience there would've probably given me a heart attack. LOL! ;)


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