Friday, December 24, 2010

So Many Presents…



Look at all those presents? People are always amazed at the number of gifts under our tree. But I guess when there are 9 people in your family, if everyone received 3 each then that would already be 27! Plus we have my Grandma and sister-in-law, Cindy, and nephew, Landon!  Christmas is always a fun time at the Johnson house. People always ask me what it’s like to be one of seven children. I say that it’s crazy but I think my favorite time is Christmas. It’s just so much fun! Tonight is Christmas Eve (which also happens to be my boyfriend, Jeff’s, birthday!) so we will head over to Church for a Christmas Eve service and then up to my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s house and have dinner and gifts with them. Afterwards I will head back to Church to play bells for the 11 p.m. service at Zion. Tomorrow morning I’m sure Kiah and Tage will wake us up bright and early (we usually make them wait until 9) and we will open our stockings. We will then go pick up Grandma Rich and we’ll do our gifts under the tree. Seth, Cindy and Landon will be joining us in the afternoon.

This Christmas is a little different. Last year I was preparing to head to China. I’m just amazed at how my concept of Christmas has changed. When people ask me what I want, there really isn’t much. I just love spending time with my family and friends. God has truly blessed me. He’s blessed me with a wonderful family, great friends and an amazing boyfriend. He has also provided for me when times get tough and given me peace when I have no idea where life is taking me. Also after being in China, I just saw how most of the world lives. Not that it’s wrong to get presents, we should just be thankful for what we have. And remember the true meaning of Christmas and all that the Lord has given us.

This Christmas I can’t help but remember the orphans around the world. All the kids without families for this time of year. My heart breaks for them.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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