Friday, February 12, 2010

It's vacation!

Since Chinese new year is such a big deal here in China, we have all of next week "officially off" at the foster home. The nannies will be there of course to care for the babies, but we don't have to go in. I'll definately go in a few days though in the afternoons. I don't think that I could go a whole week without seeing those kids. They are so precious. Here are a few pictures from the playroom today that I thought were cute.
Since we have all of next week off, we are planing on going into Beijing on Tuesday morning, spending the day there and staying overnight and then coming home Wednesday at some point. It will definately be an adventure! We are going to go to Tiannamen square and Forbidden City and then probably do some shopping at the pearl market and who knows what else. I'm excited for this little trip we have planned. I'm also looking forward to just relaxing for a few days. I love my work at the foster home but it is hard emotionally and it's just tiring when we have to leave the apartment by 7:30 a.m. each morning.
Would love to hear some updates from home. I love hearing how everyone is doing since I can't always keep up. Email me at: Also, I can view my comments now so feel free to comment on my posts.

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