Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye's are no fun.... : (

So I'm really not a fan of goodbye's. Today we had to say goodbye to our roomate, Nicole. She was only able to sever for a month at the foster home before she had to get home to Austratlia to start university up again. We were so sad to see her go. She and I have been roomie's since I arrived in China (she as here about 2 weeks before me) and we go along great. I'm really going to miss her. It's been fun Nicole!
Rather slow day here at the foster home. Since no one is really expecting us to come in and I didn't have preschool today, I didn't come in until after Nicole had left and just in tim for nap so the kids are not around. I came over anyways though because it is nice to have a little "alone time" once in a while and I do not get that at home. So... here I am. I have Victoria's english lessons in about 15 minutes so that will be fun.
Heard we got a lot of snow at home, definately not missing that!

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