Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year! It is now the year of the tiger. : ) It was so cool to experience Chinese new year while in China. All I can say that is the firework display I saw last night, puts to shame the fireworks we have on the 4th of July at home. They were SO cool! I opened the window in my bedroom and taped it just to show you what when on right outside my window. Fireworks have been going on since I arrived in China almost 4 weeks ago now (they celebrate for a long time) and last nigh was the grand finale. At least I'm hoping the'll die down a little althouh I'm sure the'll be going on this whole week as well. It was so neat to experience Chinese new year in China though. Definately a cool experience.
Today is actually Chinese new years and we're not doing anything too exciting. Oh yeah and Happy Valentine's Day to those of you in the states. I kind of forget about that due to all the new year's excitment here and since the Chinese don't celebrate valentine's day. I'm not feeling so great so I spend most of the day in bed sleeping since I didn't sleep much last night. Now just relaxing and catching up on some emails and updates. Will probably watch a movie with the roomates a bit later.
Missing you all and hard to believe that I've almost been in China a month now. Crazy how fast things go. Know that I'm thinking about you all and miss you! Enjoy the firework video. Not sure how clear it will be but hopefully you'll get the idea of what it was like here last night!

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