Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Possible job opportunity

Part of me kind of wishes that I was currently looking for a job as I found the perfect one for me and it's located in Buffalo which is just 1 1/2 hours from home. However, it's still 4 1/2 months until I want to start a job. However, there are many openings at this agency and it looks like it has potential for me. It is based in Rochester, NY but works in many different areas of western and central NY. Would be a great fit for me! I also know a girl from Bonas who currently works me and she said that she absolutely loves it and it would be a great fit for me.

I continue to put all of this in the Lord's hands. In other news, this is my last week of work and then I have 2 weeks off for Easter break which I'm REALLY excited about. Laura Kitchen and I are going to head down to Meadville, PA to visit Ashleigh for a few days and then I'll be headed south to Myrtle Beach with my family on April 10th. I can't wait! It will be nice to enjoy the warm weather for a bit and get a tan hopefully. I'm excited for a vacation from work and also from NY.

I pray that everyone is doing well. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!

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