Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm Back

Photo Credit: Kiah Johnson

Hello, long lost blog friends! Where did I last leave off? Oh that's right, I was getting ready to fly to South Korea for two weeks, told you to check back on my blog for updates on my trip, and then..... I never wrote a single thing. That was June, friends. June! Four months ago! I used to be such a consistent blogger, especially when I was living in China. I'm not sure exactly what happened other than, when I don't take pictures of adorable children every day, life seem's less exciting to share. Life has become "normal." I go to work Monday - Friday, I hang out with friends, I read, I watch Netflix, and attend two Bible studies each week. Once in a while, something exciting may be thrown in there to switch up my routine a little, like a trip to Asia or back to my beloved New York to visit with friends and family. But other than that, life has been pretty routine. It's not the worst thing, just harder to find things to write about when you aren't gallivanting around on the other side of the world. But, one thing that Lord has been laying on my heart a lot lately is that "I still have a voice and a story to share." No, it may not be quite as adventurous as it used to be 3 years ago (side note, friends: I moved back to the United States over 2 years ago!! How did that happen?!), but it's still a story worth sharing. I love when my time hop previous blog posts pop up. It's so fun to re-live those memories and see all the ways the Lord has worked in my life. I miss that. He is totally working now, I just don't document it. And so, this is my attempt of "getting back in the game." I know, I know I've said that before and I'm not making any promises. I won't be posting nearly as often as I used to, but I would like to have several posts a month. Once a week would  be a victory for me.

So here go, back on this blogging adventure. The Lord has been teaching me so much lately and I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Happy Sunday, sweet friends!
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