Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I know my birthday was over a week ago now but a post is better late than never, right?

What a wonderful first birthday it was in Tulsa! 
I remember the week of my birthday, one of my co-workers asked me what my plans were and if birthday were a big deal in my family.
They were and being one of seven, our birthday was the one day that was "our day."
We were allowed to choose our birthday dinner and that was always a treat!

The last few birthdays have been a little different for me. 
I guess that happens as we get older and life changes.

In 2014, I was in China. My friend Laura had just arrived in China a few days before and it was fun to celebrate with her.

2013 was also spent in China. I remember having a combined birthday party with all of our babies who had March birthdays. It was also just a week before I was flying home for a two month stay to raise support for my 2nd year in China.

2012 is a birthday that will stay with me for a while. It was on March 13, 2012, my 26th birthday when I landed in China. I had bought a one way ticket and had no idea how long I was going to be staying in this country that had captured my heart so many years before. It was an exciting as well as terrifying time. I remember reading my birthday cards on the plane, somewhere between the US and China. 

2011 was the last birthday I spent at home with my family. 
Even though I am in a new city without them near, birthdays are still special to me.

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year and it started out sipping my coffee and enjoying a little treat  while I read my text messages and Facebook messages from family and friends. 
You guys really know how to make a girl feel special!

Growing up in New York, I always liked that my birthday was in March.
March is not always the prettiest month up north. 
It can be either still cold and snowy, or the snow may have melted and then it's just cold and muddy.
Since it wasn't the prettiest month, I thought it was the perfect time to have a birthday and was something to look forward too. 

In Tulsa however, spring is in the air.
The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the leaves are coming out.
New life is all around.

Back in February, Mom, Dad, and Kiah came to visit me in Tulsa for a few days and we had a little birthday celebration then. 
Since Mom always likes for us to have something to open on our actual birthdays, they brought me a present but I was not allowed to open it until March 14th. 
I like to actually have a gift to open on my birthday so I looked at it sit on my table in my living room for a month. 
That's right, I didn't even peek!

On my birthday, I found some beautiful jewelry inside made by my friend, Ashley. 
(Make sure you check out her Facebook page!)

I love them! 
Later in the day I had Starbucks with one of my co-workers and her daughter and then that evening I met up with friends for dinner.

We first tried out the Saturday night service at our Church which was awesome as usual. 
After 2 1/2 years of not being able to go to Church very often, I do not take this time for granted.
Going to worship the Lord with other believers was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.
We then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner!

They of course sang and decorated my cheesecake.

I think 29 is going to be a pretty awesome year.

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday!!
    Love your new jewelry!
    Cheesecake Factory...yum :)


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