Thursday, March 26, 2015

Storm Season

Spring is upon us which also means that it is storm season here in beautiful Oklahoma.
I have loved the warm weather, the birds singing, the sunshine, and the warm breeze.
But today made me re-think this whole "living in the state where the most tornadoes come through each year" thing. 

The thing about yesterday is that no one was really expecting it. We were supposed to get thunderstorms and even though tornado season is upon us, no one was really expecting them yesterday. 

Let's just say that I am really not a fan. 
But thankfully I was home and I was safe.
And I have wonderful co-workers and friends who call and text me to make sure I am ok.

Alright, I'm ready for fall now!


  1. Ah yes the wonders of living in tornado alley. When I lived there we had one where the center was 5 miles away from us and that one made me uneasy. I remember sitting in the basement with my Blessing who was 5 and I could fell the walls of the house moving with the wind. Fortunately Blessing was already engrossed in a movie and did not notice but I have never forgotten it. I understand completely.

  2. Hope there's a storm shelter handy.

    Glad you are OK.


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