Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Fun

This year we bought a white pumpkin. 

We bough it on our way to Houghton to visit Tage for Family Weekend the first weekend in October. It has developed a few bad spots on it, but it was still very carve-able.

Kiah didn't trust me with the nice (for some reason) and so she decided to do it.

Goodness, she is so photogenic...

Cleaning out the "pumpkin guts."

And my favorite part... the pumpkin seeds!

Sometimes things get a little crazy around here!

My job... separating the pumpkin seeds from the "guts."

The finished product: meet Jorge, the pumpkin!

This was the first Halloween that I can remember when we did not have anyone trick-or-treating. Tage was home for the weekend and he and my Dad were at the playoff football game so Kiah and I decided to make popcorn and watch movies. It was a different but fun Halloween!

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