Thursday, October 16, 2014

{30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 2} What I Wore

Yesterday was a self portrait of myself and today was a "What I wore" prompt for my 30 Day Photography Challenge. Yesterday I told you how much I dislike photographing myself and that has not changed today. Therefore, rather than take another picture of myself, I thought I would just show you what I wore today instead. 

Sometimes I wish I were more stylish and could give you the link for each clothing item and where it was bought. But I will let you in on a little secret. I know, I know, this is what "What Not to Wear" would tell you not to wear but it is my favorite. 

Thrift stores. There, I said it. I buy most of my clothing at a consignment shop. I love them! You never what you will find or what kind of deals you will come out with. You can still look cute and not spend a lot of money. That is my theory anyways. Most of my wardrobe is found there which is what makes this post a little surprising. Only one of these items was bought used!

My shirt is a gray and white striped a.n.a. brand from J.C.Penney's. It cost around $10.

ISO 100  |  SS 1/125  |  f/5.6

My boots are my favorite. My Mom bought them for me for my birthday back in March. I was still in China at that point, but was in need of a new brown pair of boots since my others had the zipper break on them last fall. They are Franco Sarto brand and are originally $180 leather boots. I think my Mom said she bought them form $50 in the spring. What a deal! Thankfully they fit and are so comfortable!

ISO 100  |  SS 1/125  |  f/4.5

This scarf I have had for years. I probably bought it 4 or 5 years ago at J.C.Penny's. I had been wanting an orange scarf for fall and I found it for probably around $10 and it has paid for itself! I wear it all the time in the fall and winter months and just love it!

My white vest is from Old Navy. Also really old! I would love to replace it since it's getting a little grungy after all these years, so maybe once I have a job that will be one of my first purchases. I bough it in the fall of 2008 when I was nannying. So yes....6 years old....

ISO 100  |  SS 1/125  |  f/7.1

And last but definitively not least are my jeans. Yes, they are Calvin Klein, but no, they are not Calvin Klein prices. They were bought at my favorite consignment shop for I think $8. Can't beat that and they are so comfortable! I buy all of my favorite jeans at this consignment shop. I think jeans are much more comfortable if bought used because then they are worn a much softer than brand new ones!

ISO 100  |  SS 1/125  |  f/5

So there you have it. My "What I wore" post. Can I just say how much I am loving fall clothing?

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