Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 1} Self Portrait

Well here you go.... Day 1 of my 30 Day Photography Challenge. Now let me just say this. I do NOT like taking self portraits. Not at all. I was disappointed that this was the first assignment on my list for my challenge.  So disappointed in fact that I searched for several others lists that did not have a self portrait for their first assignment. But I kept coming back to this one and decided to just do it.

I have had my DSLR for ten months but I am usually the one behind the camera, therefore I have not captured the self-timer yet. It is especially difficult to get the correct focus. My focus is still a little bit off in these pictures but it was the closest I could get. Any photographers out there have advice for obtaining the correct focus when using the self-timer? I tried both auto focus as well as manual.

ISO 400  |  SS  1/125  |  f/4.5 

ISO 400  |  SS  1/125  |  f/4.5

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